4:56 AM Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Growing investor and trader interest from Stockholm reflected at full house at Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum
Mark Satter Jun 19, 2017
Rail hub allows for low cost container sorting and factory production only 85 km from Ukraine’s big city
Mark Satter Jun 17, 2017
Ukraine and Russia face each other in major military standoff as weakened Kremlin approaches presidential vote next March
Timothy Ash Jun 16, 2017
After the Europe party, Ukraine's politicians have to get to work
James Brooke Jun 16, 2017
Russia stocks crash; Sanctions law will be foreign investment killer for Russia; For Putin's survival, Kremlin adopts war time austerity economy -- stagnation at best;
Timothy Ash Jun 14, 2017
Advance Pricing Agreement negotiations
The UBJ Jun 13, 2017
Tax News -- Tax Treaty and BEPS
The UBJ Jun 13, 2017
Ukraine climbs out of its hole in the first half of 2017
The UBJ Jun 08, 2017
More flights, more tourists, more jobs for Ukraine IT engineers here and for Ukraine construction workers in Israel
The UBJ Jun 08, 2017
Former New York Mayor says Trump will stand up to Putin; Rada puts Ukraine on NATO path
The UBJ Jun 08, 2017
Visas will favor well-educated entrepreneurs
James Brooke Jun 07, 2017
Changes to the Order on TP audits have been adopted by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
andrew Jun 06, 2017
Ukraine’s big gas victory – explained step by step
The UBJ Jun 03, 2017