22:06 PM Monday, April 24, 2017
By plane, train, automobile and ferry, Ukrainians get new options for foreign travel. Uber started Thursday in Kharkiv, its fifth city in Ukraine
James Brooke Apr 23, 2017
Tim Ash: part of wider anti-corruption drive?
Timothy Ash Apr 21, 2017
The government’s land market bill is too cautious
James Brooke Apr 19, 2017
Recycle or burn for fuel? Foreign companies supply equipment -- and operate landfills?
Apr 14, 2017
Compensation of losses from ‘nationalization’ of peninsula’s power company could exceed $500 million
Apr 14, 2017
Legal firm Baker McKenzie releases information on Ukraine's immigration quota for 2017
Apr 13, 2017
Ash argues Tillerson is open to Putin's 'sphere of influence' argument, leaving Ukraine to aspire to buffer state status
Timothy Ash Apr 13, 2017
Ash looks at Valeriya Gontareva's surprise rate cut
Timothy Ash Apr 13, 2017
A cabinet reshuffle this spring could decide whether Ukraine sticks with Western prescriptions, or takes the populist path
Timothy Ash Apr 13, 2017
Kyiv resource lawyer calls for cutting energy taxes, cutting red tape on oil and gas production
Apr 13, 2017
National Guard x National Corps after complaints by central bank
Apr 11, 2017
Lender of last resort comes with real strings
Anders Aslund Apr 11, 2017
Government must act on protests by foreign and Ukrainian Naftogaz board members
Apr 11, 2017
Closed half of Ukraine’s banks, cut central bank staff in half, and adopted floating hryvnia exchange rate; political fight expected over successor
Apr 10, 2017
The II “Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum ’17” with a focus on investments in the infrastructure sector of Ukraine will take place on April 20 in Kyiv. Forum organizer – A7 CONFERENCES under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. Partner
UBJ Editor Apr 10, 2017
Search on for successor
Timothy Ash Apr 10, 2017
A Russian boycott could reduce pressure on hotel rooms
Apr 08, 2017