19:23 PM Sunday, February 26, 2017
The Dutch supermarket retailer plans to open up to 50 stores in Ukraine this year.
Ron Popeski Feb 22, 2017
Company has 12,000 employees world-wide
Ron Popeski Feb 22, 2017
In a shock move, oligarch and ally of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, Dmytro Firtash, has been detained in Vienna.
Andrew Feb 22, 2017
How dangerous is the coal bloackade in Donbass to Ukraine and its government?
Timothy Ash Feb 21, 2017
Could a backroom grand bargain between the U.S. and Russia benefit Ukraine?
Timothy Ash Feb 20, 2017
Austria expands is consulate, its air links and its investment in Western Ukraine, a region it controlled until the end of World War I, one century ago.
Sasha Kharchenko Feb 20, 2017
From replacing imports to exporting to Europe and the US, Ukrainian designers are making their mark
James Brooke Feb 19, 2017
Anti-graft bureau cites difficulties investigating officials; Director Sytnyk sees positive change ‘in spite of’ politicians
By Bloomberg Feb 17, 2017
Most business complaints are against tax authorities - and most are resolved in favor of businesses
Lee Reaney Feb 17, 2017
With a Putin-Trump summit a distant prospect, is that good or bad for Ukraine?
Timothy Ash Feb 17, 2017
Ukraine's central bank seeks to clamp down on gray economy; asset declarations show tax service head has $2m cash savings
The UBJ Feb 16, 2017
War vets force hand of government that failed to diversify sources of coal away from secessionist areas
Timothy Ash Feb 16, 2017
War veterans block anthracite coal shipments from separatist Luhansk -- shortages to spread through the country by end of February
James Brooke Feb 15, 2017
Faced with a shortage of 18-year-olds and more and more Ukrainians studying in Poland, Ukraine is marketing its low cost, high quality education -- outside the former USSR
Kate Zaika Feb 15, 2017
Russia wants to cut Ukraine out of gas pipeline network -- can Ukraine produce its own gas and import from enough non-Russian gas by 2019?
The UBJ Feb 15, 2017
China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and South Korea are all now in the top 10 group of importers of Ukrainian grain
James Brooke Feb 14, 2017
Wheat, barley and sunflower oil exports are at or near records; Bumper harvest may be repeated in 2017 in boost to GDP growth
The UBJ Feb 14, 2017
EU's development bank shifts focus to helping small and midsize businesses and promises to maintain the euro flow
Lee Reaney Feb 13, 2017