21:56 PM Saturday, February 24, 2018
Warm colors in February
Aisha Down Feb 09, 2018
With labor migration, Ukraine becomes the reserve labor pool for booming Central European economies
The UBJ Feb 08, 2018
More women in parliament, a strong army, gas market cleanup add up to reform progress
The UBJ Feb 08, 2018
Straight talking analyst warns the alternative will be a horror show
The UBJ Feb 08, 2018
Pedestrian streets, urban art, and historic preservation push Carpathian university town to top of investor lists
The UBJ Feb 03, 2018
This spring, Kyiv residents will be able to download a movie in a minute, but most rural schools and health clinics will still have no internet connection
The UBJ Feb 01, 2018
Projects come out of the box as investors rush to lock in high green tariffs, which expire at end of next year.
James Brooke Jan 28, 2018
15 original stories range from Blockchain, to E-Government, to Internet of Things, to Lviv IT City, to a Map of the Stars – profiles of the Ukraine brains behind such world brands as PayPal, WhatsApp and Grammarly.
James Brooke Jan 25, 2018
Central Bank raises inflation forecast, but also GDP growth forecast
By Bloomberg Jan 25, 2018
Muddling through may not break IMF impasse; Economists debate Ukraine’s interest rates
By Bloomberg Jan 25, 2018
IMF does not want to play games -- Ukraine may be left in the cold
Timothy Ash Jan 22, 2018
For the first time in the half century history of the World Economic Forum, a house will showcase Ukraine to visiting executives
Jack Laurenson Jan 21, 2018
To feed the tech engine, companies have already recruited across Ukraine
Jack Laurenson Jan 18, 2018
Kyiv government seems to think it can muddle through to March 2019 elections, without taking the hard decisions on corruption
Timothy Ash Jan 17, 2018
Draft law not seen as creating an independent court
By Bloomberg Jan 15, 2018
Gazprom wants gas supply contract fulfilled; Naftogaz says wait until next month's court ruling on the gas transit contract
By Bloomberg Jan 11, 2018
IT execs made the case for Britain, Germany; now they set their sites on New York and Toronto
Jack Laurenson Jan 10, 2018
Built by a Swiss company and powered by Austrian engines, the Khmelnytskiy plant will convert manure, corn silage and sugar beet pulp into 15.6 mw of electricity
Jack Laurenson Jan 09, 2018
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