16:00 PM Sunday, March 26, 2017
Central bank has cut GDP outlook, IMF has delayed aid transfer
By Bloomberg Mar 23, 2017
Betting on greater consumer demand in 2017, warehouse lease take up in Ukraine’s largest market increased by almost one third in 2016
Vitalii Dubenskyi Mar 23, 2017
After accompanying consumers on the dramatic drop of 2014-2015, Nestle Ukraine exec. now sees growth ahead
Lee Reaney Mar 22, 2017
Solar-powered zero-carbon home to tap into growing world market for shelter in remote areas -- living ‘off the grid’
Vitalii Dubenskyi Mar 22, 2017
Factory designed to produce paper cups for Ukraine and neighboring countries
Vitalii Dubenskyi Mar 21, 2017
Statistics Office reports stronger growth than expected, but recovery started off low base of the 2014-2015 fall; Sberbank wants out
Timothy Ash Mar 21, 2017
Germany’s trade with Ukraine jumped 17.5% last year, making Ukraine East Europe's fastest growing market for German exports
Vitalii Dubenskyi Mar 20, 2017