19:22 PM Sunday, February 26, 2017
Ukraine's central bank seeks to clamp down on gray economy; asset declarations show tax service head has $2m cash savings
The UBJ Feb 16, 2017
Russia wants to cut Ukraine out of gas pipeline network -- can Ukraine produce its own gas and import from enough non-Russian gas by 2019?
The UBJ Feb 15, 2017
Wheat, barley and sunflower oil exports are at or near records; Bumper harvest may be repeated in 2017 in boost to GDP growth
The UBJ Feb 14, 2017
Winery tours have dried up, Russia boycotts the bottles, Crimea no long supplies grapes, but Ukrainian winery in war's 'gray' zone still makes 10 million bottles --
The UBJ Feb 13, 2017
Global economy faces ‘very dangerous’ times, Gontareva says; IMF shielding Ukraine, central bank governor says in interview
The UBJ Feb 10, 2017
Minister says demand to lift pension age lacks economic logic;; Social Ministry has alternative to erase pension gap by 2024
The UBJ Feb 05, 2017
While Ukraine's politicians fiddle, Poland, Hungary, and now Belarus recruit Ukrainian workers
The UBJ Jan 31, 2017
Ukraine brains shine through on world stage
The UBJ Jan 30, 2017