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Transit of Russian gas hits 6-year high; French company Nexans opens its third and largest car part plant in Lviv; Ukraine sold 108 armored recon cars to UAE last year
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• Despite poor political relations, transit of Russian gas through Ukraine’s pipelines has hit a six year high, up 22.8%, compared to the first seven months of last year, according to a report by Ukrtransgaz.

• New car sales were up 16% in July, compared to July, 2016. Last month, 6,425 new cars were sold in Ukraine. Toyota was the most popular brand.

• Nearly 63% of Poles agree that Ukrainians are good for the economy, a 2016 survey by CBOS reveals. In the background, the Economist reports that Poland’s Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, or ZPP, says 5 million more workers are needed to sustain growth through 2050.

• T.B. Fruit, one of Ukraine’s biggest juice producers, plans to build two plants in Poland at 50 million euros.

• Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk denies accusations of tax evasion. Prosecutors investigated the lawmaker’s finances at the request of his former Rada colleague, Tetiana Chornovol, Reuters reports.

• The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, which took effect yesterday, will allow Ukraine to increase its exports to Canada 10 times within five years. The pact will create 3,000 new jobs for Ukrainians, estimates Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Ministry.

• Elektrokontakt Ukraine, a manufacturer of electrical systems for cars, will open a new plant in Brody in the Lviv region of Ukraine on August 30, according to Interfax. Covering 20,000 square meters, the plant with the third and the largest in Ukraine for Nexans S.A., which started manufacturing in Lviv a decade ago.

• Ukraine’s state export control service reports that 108 Ukrainian-manufactured BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles were sold to various customers in the United Arab Emirates last year.

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