14:06 PM Friday, November 16, 2018

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The UBJ is a subscription-based, daily, internet business news service reporting on new investments and new investors, on the opportunities and obstacles in Ukraine, Europe’s new ‘Frontier Economy'. Experienced Western business journalists report and edit the UBJ specifically for investors and managers in Ukraine and overseas.

The architecture of the UBJ is national. Believing Ukraine’s economic recovering is taking place across this massive nation, fulltime business journalists work in Ukraine’s five largest cities -- Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Lviv-- reporting stories to the UBJ Newsroom in Kyiv, the capital.

UBJ is a business publication that will only address political, social or cultural issues where they are relevant to the business and investment environment. UBJ will not sensationalize or editorialize with personal opinion. While we will not shy away from controversial issues we will report in the public interest, calmly, in context and from a constructive point of view, seeking opinion from a full spectrum of interests. UBJ reports will be short, sharp, and accurate, written to help you make informed business decisions based on facts..

Our mission

To report useful business news stories from all across Ukraine freely and fairly, honestly, accurately, constructively and realistically reporting on Ukraine’s successes, opportunities and obstacles.


Editor-in-Chief – James Brooke
Former Bureau Chief for Bloomberg in Moscow and for The New York Times in Africa, Brazil, Canada and Correspondent in Japan/Korea and Russia.

Marketing & Communication – Martin Nunn
Former editor of Democracy Watch, leading communications specialist in Ukraine and former advisor to Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.

News Editor - Ron Popeski
Former Reuters Bureau Chief in Ukraine and Correspondent in Moscow.

Editorial board member – Andrew Bain
President and owner of Atlantic Group (AGL), Advertisement, Media, Publishing, since 1992.

Editorial board member – Alexander J. Motyl Ph.D.
Professor of political science at Rutgers University. Motyl has written extensively on Ukraine’s development.

Consultant – Stephen O’Connor
Founder of Prague Business Journal, Budapest Business Journal and Warsaw Business Journal.

Financial columnist – Tim Ash
Leading international financial commentator on the region.

Political columnist – Diane Francis
Editor at large for the National Post of Canada and Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council.

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