14:31 PM Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Smoliy calls for: resumption of lending, foreign exchange liberalization, 5% inflation by 2022, Rada approval of law to clear up bad loans, and independent central bank
The UBJ Mar 16, 2018
In 3 years, 100 banks closed, central bank staff cut in half, nation on path to foreign exchange liberalization, and deadbeat debtors named and shamed
James Brooke Mar 16, 2018
Aid linked to Ukraine's anti-graft progress: EU
The UBJ Mar 09, 2018
Higher wages push up prices and slow growth
The UBJ Mar 08, 2018
Election anxiety; Year of Privatization? Investment Success Stories: Social Concerns; A market for Farm Land
James Brooke Mar 04, 2018
At annual Dragon Capital Investor Conference, speakers deal with elephant in the Hyatt hall
James Brooke Mar 02, 2018
London last year, Copenhagen this June. Will this year’s Ukraine Reform Conference trigger a spring season of EU-standard economic fixes?
James Brooke Feb 22, 2018
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