13:08 PM Wednesday, November 14, 2018
If the Champion's League football frenzy doesn't take your fancy, plenty else is happening in the capital this holiday weekend. Car and ice-cream festivals, art fair, new circus shows, jazz concerts and salsa. And Elton John is in town!
UBJ Editor May 25, 2018
After weighing up last-minute travel options, many Real Madrid and Liverpool supporters have decided to return their tickets as others prepare for their trips to Kyiv.
UBJ Editor May 20, 2018
City authorities paying close attention as some hotels accused of cancelling reservations and increasing room rates to as much as $9,000; meanwhile, Kyiv citizens open their homes to visiting football fans.
Jack Laurenson May 14, 2018
Central bank sees labor migration as emerging problem ;Data show 7 percent of workforce left Ukraine since 2015
By Bloomberg Feb 19, 2018
Occupancies back to pre-crisis levels, room rates near EU average
UBJ Editor Feb 17, 2018
Warm colors in March
Aisha Down Feb 09, 2018
Business pioneers fill hotels; ideally, tourists will follow
Mark Satter Nov 13, 2017 data indicate that tourism this year will surpass pre-conflict peak; investors look at new projects
UBJ Editor Sep 27, 2017
When given the choice, Central European governments and employers choose Ukrainian
UBJ Editor Sep 12, 2017
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